Monday, February 28, 2011

Big Five!

My first born, and biggest boy Job has turned five years old!
A WHOLE HAND!!!! Something about this age is so different from the others. He is not a toddler age anymore. He will be starting Kindergarten later this year, and will be the oldest of our four kids. He is my little man, attitude and all. Sarcasm is present daily, and the fight to be right is on! These little things I could live without, but the other new additions to his personality I could keep forever! The helpfulness, thoughtfulness, and love for learning are so sweet. He has an urge to know and understand the "why"s of everything and is not easily satisfied. He has even asked me to start calling him Christopher(his real first name). Not gonna happen!

We were going to have a party for him on the weekend but it was going to pour rain so we just went to the park on his Birthday with a few friends.
We thought it would be a simple party and that's it. It turned into 5 celebrations over four days!

1-The ParkBirthday Boy Iron Man

Jaguar Man(totally not a planned costume till he changed his mind two days before the party)

Super girls

Mama forgot her outfit (forgot to plan an outfit)so Cat woman appeared sometime during the party.

Maggie "Supergirl/kittycat" begged me to let her paint my face. I gave in

Grandma and Grandpa and Great Grandpa always have a great time participating too!

2-Corvette Diner

3-Bowling with some friends
(face painting and costumes still happening!)

4-Dinner at the Fish Market by the Harbor

5-Church. Each class is by age so when a classmate brought cupcakes for her birthday celebration Job used it as his fifth party excuse! I picked him up covered in pink frosting! So, five celebrations for being five years old.
I'm hoping this is not the trend around here for birthdays!

Job I love you and am so happy to be your Mama, but your birthday is officially OVER!

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TUTU Monkey said... Mom and Dad (Great gpa too) are great. Love all the costumes....sorry we missed.....we will have to fight crime one of these days VERY soon!!