Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Families who can party!

We love them! New Years Eve was a lot of fun this (last year). We had a few friends over and even though the house was bursting at the seams it was a good time!
Good sports

Game time!
Boy time

Out of all the Dads to be sitting still...

And, the most predictable Dad to be sitting still/napping

Fun in Time Square!
I think Caylin tickled Job so much he Peed ;) Ha ha!

We watched the ball drop at 9pm and then jumped into the new year!

Yummo food! (Tamales, Rice, and Beans and tons of munchies!)

Silly sisters

And the Finale, cheap Sparklers!

and when the sparklers are gone and the party is over, Someone always cries...

It is now 2011, we are looking forward to Job's 5th bday and we are awaiting Baby#4 in April. I'm glad we have such great friends to share all these fun times with!

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