Thursday, January 27, 2011

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Christmas Christmas Time is here"

Well, it's gone now but I still can't get that darn chipmunk song out of my head!
Here's a look at our December fun!
Decorating the house!

We let the kids help decorate the tree then during naptime I re-did the whole thing. They didn't notice ;)

Garrison St Christmas lights in Pt Loma

(our Christmas Card)

We were given free tickets to Lego Land(thank you Delana from 94.1). We had never been and even though it was super cold out, the kids really liked it!

This year I wanted to try some homemade gifts. So friends and family got Homemade BBQ sauce and Sugar bath scrubs.

We were surprised with Christmas carolers on Christmas Morning!

My parents, Aunt Debi and Grandpa Walt all came into town.

We all started getting sick the day before they came so they were dodging coughs and sneezes the whole visit. We made Tamales and they turned out really good!
and ofcourse the kids got some great presents.

Maggie finally got a pink bike so she can keep up with her brothers. This was the only present she had asked for and every box or bag she opened she had a look of dissapointment. When she finally saw it she LOVED it!

Job helped Papa read the Christmas story on Christmas Eve using our little people set.
He was so serious! It's so much fun now that they are getting older and they are understanding more and more of why we celebrate Christmas. It's not about a jolly old man who squeezes down a chimney. Even though they know about the Santa stuff and love the Rudolph songs, It's about Jesus! We taught them about the real
St. Nick and the backround for Santa. We are not robbing our kids of their childhood by telling them that Santa is not real, we are re-assuring them of real living God who they can put their trust and hope in. He will always be the reason for the season!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Horizon Christmas Tea!

Horizon Christmas Tea
I hosted two nights this year so more friends could go.
It was such a good time! Each hostess decorates a table for 8 ladies. These women are so creative! It was a beautiful night!
Here some of my favorite tables from the night:

Night one of ladies at my table(four of these ladies, including myself, were preggo!)

Fruit of the Spirit theme

with lights off

night two

And the best part, we had a really cute waiter!

Let me know if you want to go next year!


For Family and good times in Sunny San Diego!
Here's a peak at our first Thanksgiving in our new house!
A quick turkey dance before going into the oven

Diego helping peel potatoes

My Brother in Law, Grandma, Uncle and his family joined us

And as always we got to enjoy some nice weather