Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Baby is TWO!

Welcome to Maggie's Sweet Birthday!

We played games and got silly
Maggie's crazy freeze dance pose.

Maggie and her Papa

Randy is such a good sport, even wore pink to this "girl" party!

Bracelet crafts... The kids were so creative! The boys did a great job at making them "Boyish"!

the pipe cleaners for the bracelets soon found another use!

Thank you sweet family for coming!
(Waiting for more pics form you Aunt Liz!)

After Maggie's power nap she opened her presents...HELLO GIRL STUFF!! Dolls, dress-up, pink, pink, pink and more pink! Thank you friends for making it such a great Birthday for my baby girl!

This was the last party at this house... but definetly not the last party! Next party: Spiderman for Job... ay ay ay!

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Julie said...

Hey Melissa! What a wonderful blog! I love the pictures of Maggies B-day. I hope we can see you guys more often. It's just so hard to come down to SD with no money! Keep up the good work with the kids and see you soon! love, julie