Saturday, August 28, 2010

2nd Annual Family camping trip at Leo Carillo

Our site, vanagons representing!

(not our RV in the back round) The RV was called the "fun Finder". the family had two kids about the same age as ours. they were in the RV most of the time and if they ever came out the kids were screaming and yelling. they left early. Don't think they found the fun they were trying to find.

The kids loved riding around and going to the store for goodies

Job is doing great without his training wheels

Beach time just down the path.

Last year Diego was still pretty small and couldn't climb up the big boulders.He did great this year.

Nap time on Grandma's lap

Making friends

Tide pool finds!
Diego imitating the crab blowing bubbles from his mouth

Deep in conversation I'm sure

Dirty camping faces

"Diego, what are you doing?"
"playing in the dirt"


Cousins came and visited with us during the day


We had a blast as usual! Can't wait for next year! We will have baby #4 by then!

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