Saturday, December 4, 2010

crazy thoughts

I was just sitting here in my kitchen, checking my emails and I glanced over at my three little munchkins. All in their PJ's, snacking on Cheerios, watching a cartoon and all giggling, and I just felt so happy. We have a nice little family! When I was growing up or a teen I would've never imagined my life the way it is now. I don't know what I imagined actually, I knew I wanted a family...but couldn't imagine how it would all work out.

And now here I am, 30 YEARS OLD (AAAHHH), Married to my handsome and amazing hubby, 3beautiful kids... AND ANOTHER ONE COMING IN FOUR MONTHS!!!!
I forget all day long that I'm prego, I think my brain is too busy sometimes. I don't limit myself when I should( how can you when your shakin it in ZUMBA?) and I forget to take my prenatal pills just about every other day. I don't want to forget or make it any less important then when I was pregnant with Job, but, I haven't taken any pics of my belly, I haven't kept a pregnancy calender, and I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW MANY WEEKS I AM (It's around 20 I'm sure) But then I go to get dressed and can't zip up my jeans, or Maggie will push on my tummy and yell "HELLO BABY", or people will give me a second look when I'm out with the kids, and then it hits me! I'm having a baby! I get the same excited feeling again, as if it's my first. I get all giggly and I start to let my imagination run wild. will it be another wild boy for the boys to argue, wrestle, and fight with? Or another sweet girl for Maggie to love and cuddle, and watch Dora with(that's what she is looking forward to). Which name will we be able to use? We've had the girls name since before Job was born, and the boys name we've had since before Maggie was born. I love them both!!!!!!! It's almost worth having twins just so we can use both! (don't worry, we checked, only one baby is in there).

Anyway, these are the ramblings of my brain. My point is that I AM excited! I AM waiting with such anticipation and joy for this new little tiny one to enter our family. I AM overwhelmed but, it's a good overwhelmed. In the time it's taken to write this I've taken Maggie to the potty 3 times, made everyone a tortilla to snack on, got 2/3 kids dressed, broken up 3-4 arguments about where they are sitting and explained that they need to love eachother and not hurt eachother, told Job to stop making this annoying squeal of his about 10 times, given Diego a high five for going poo poos in the potty, cleaned up where he missed the potty when he peed, outlined Maggie's hands and feet on paper, glanced at my fingers and toes in desperate need of new polish, still haven't brushed my hair after my shower, and I know I really need to start breakfast. Overwhelemed? totally, but i love it. People can say, "you've got your hands full" and "I don't know how you do it" and "what? another baby?" all day long and it will never make me regret or want to change a single thing!

I CAN"T WAIT to Hear "It's a girl!" or "It's a boy!" and cry because either way I'll be happy. And to smell that new baby smell on the back of the baby's ears, stare at the baby's toes and fingers and just be awe of GOD's blessings on my life, introduce the baby to the kids and see their reactions. It is a blessing! Do you believe that? Do you think it's not financially smart? Do you think 6 people in a 3 bed/1 bath house is too much? Do you think it's not fair for my 3 kids already...that they wont get enough attention? Funny enough, people have voiced these opinions to me! And I just smile and say, "We will be OK" or, "Yep, it'll be challenging" but, I have no idea what God has in store for us. He will help guide our path and show us the decisions he'd like us to make.
Even though I feel insecure and unsure sometimes I know that it will work out in the end, even if I have to learn a big lesson through it all.

I look forward to the future, see them grow up and play together, hang out together, and send each other off into the world. How can I not be excited? there's so much in store for us!!!!
Plus, I want to see how stinkin cute this one will be... so far we've had some good luck with some Gorgeous kids!! ;)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

12 new things update

Boy is this harder then I thought it would be!
If you're not sure what I'm talking about go check out Sarah Mae.

My goal for September was to "Make gifts for Job's new preschool teacher, Have a girly girl party for Maggie's 2nd Bday, and be completely moved into our new house.

I've got 2 out of 3!
Check out Maggie's Sweet shop party HERE

I made this little tote for Job's preschool teacher Ms. Winkle.

He adores her and she is loving the bag! It's reversible but if she doesn't want to see my sewing mistakes then she'll keep it like this. :)

As for being completely moved in to our new house...we are working on it

My hubby is hard at work to finish everything by this weekend. I'm packing away and we should be in and settled by Mid November. I'll post before and afters once we are in.

My goal for October:Sew a different style of apron, mommy and child size (I've only sewed one pattern so far)
OK, so this did not happen...yet! But as soon as I can find and unpack my sewing machine I plan to use one of these beautiful patterns by Skip to my lou to make them.

As for November and our STAY-cation...I can not wait for the 19th to fulfill this one! However, I'm not looking forward to the 16th when my twenties will be over...But As all of my 30yr old friends are telling me, "30 is the NEW 20".

I think being prego with baby#4, Moving into our house that was remodeled and built by my amazing hubby, and sharing everyday with my amazing family will be a great way to bring on 30!

Check out my future "things" HERE

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Baby is TWO!

Welcome to Maggie's Sweet Birthday!

We played games and got silly
Maggie's crazy freeze dance pose.

Maggie and her Papa

Randy is such a good sport, even wore pink to this "girl" party!

Bracelet crafts... The kids were so creative! The boys did a great job at making them "Boyish"!

the pipe cleaners for the bracelets soon found another use!

Thank you sweet family for coming!
(Waiting for more pics form you Aunt Liz!)

After Maggie's power nap she opened her presents...HELLO GIRL STUFF!! Dolls, dress-up, pink, pink, pink and more pink! Thank you friends for making it such a great Birthday for my baby girl!

This was the last party at this house... but definetly not the last party! Next party: Spiderman for Job... ay ay ay!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

2nd Annual Family camping trip at Leo Carillo

Our site, vanagons representing!

(not our RV in the back round) The RV was called the "fun Finder". the family had two kids about the same age as ours. they were in the RV most of the time and if they ever came out the kids were screaming and yelling. they left early. Don't think they found the fun they were trying to find.

The kids loved riding around and going to the store for goodies

Job is doing great without his training wheels

Beach time just down the path.

Last year Diego was still pretty small and couldn't climb up the big boulders.He did great this year.

Nap time on Grandma's lap

Making friends

Tide pool finds!
Diego imitating the crab blowing bubbles from his mouth

Deep in conversation I'm sure

Dirty camping faces

"Diego, what are you doing?"
"playing in the dirt"


Cousins came and visited with us during the day


We had a blast as usual! Can't wait for next year! We will have baby #4 by then!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Moto Family Blogging Birthday!

Another good friend of mine recently celebrated her Blog Birthday. It made me look back to my 1st post. It was August 25, 2008. Things have changed a lot since then!

Looking back on 2 years of stories and pictures is so emotional!

I'm glad I started this blog. It's been a place to share our fun times with friends and family. Hopefully You've enjoyed it. And as always we are off to another family adventure...CAMPING!!!! More pictures and stories to follow!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Job Jar-great idea

As seen on Martha's site

In summer, the mere mention of chores can evoke reactions usually reserved for dentist appointments and haircuts. To make tasks less tedious for everyone, print them on strips of paper, color-coding to distinguish "grown-up jobs" from "kid jobs." On chore day, have everyone draw and complete a job.

Doing this TODAY!!!
I'm sure there are tons of variations instead of a Jar. My creativity level is low today, a jar will do.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Stop over to TUTUMONKEY for a great giveaway! I've yet to win a giveaway, but I still never know ;) Happy Blogging Birthday Tutumonkey!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We are having a baby!!!!!

We just found out on Sunday that we are expecting baby #4!!!! We are so happy! I am very early but I just couldn't wait to tell people! The kids are excited and want another baby boy....I'd like Maggie to have a sister, but either way we will be happy!
Here we go!

Monday, August 16, 2010

12 new things

Check out Sarah Mae to see where this all started

My 12 new things:
Make gifts for Job's new preschool teachers, Have a girly girl party for Maggie's 2nd Bday. Be completely moved into our new house.
Sew a different style of apron, mommy and child size (I've only sewed one pattern so far)
Have a staycation with my hubby for my 30th birthday and make a homemade pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving
Make handmade Christmas stockings (again). Last years were not what I had expected
Sponsor another child through Compassion
Make new hooded bath towels for the kids
Frame some kids artwork and display in the house.
Make a super heroe outfit for Diego
Make towel beach bags for the beach
Make a new recipe for homemade BBQ sauce for Father's day.
make a homemade cheesecake
turn something "old" into something "new"

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rainbow Cupcakes

I saw some cupcakes like this on a blog somewhere and I'm sorry I can't remember where it was! I was deep in blogger world looking for some ideas for birthdays and came across some rainbow/tie dyed cupcakes.
Start with the batch of batter and separate into small bowls, add the colors you want to use.

Spoon out a scoop of each color into the baking cups and keep adding colors till they are full enough.

use a toothpick to swirl the colors in the middle


You don't see them frosted because I let my son experiment with the frosting and they turned out a funky brownish blue color. not so cute :)
If this idea was on your blog please let me know so I can give you credit!