Sunday, November 29, 2009


Was a blast!
My parents, Grandpa, and Aunt came into town to help us celebrate.

We kicked off the weekend with a backyard baseball game.
It was complete with hotdogs and fixings, good ball playing, 7th inning stretch,

and Maggie even held the flag for the National Anthem.

While we waited for the turkey to cook we headed to the children's pool in La Jolla and checked out some seals.

We were the only ones on the beach because apparent;y they now hire someone to stand on the stairs and tell people not to go on the sand. I've been there for beach days when tons of seal were on the sand with us, us being there does not affect them, plus, It's still a public beach! So, don't listen to the dude in the tie...who barely spoke english.

The boys saw the iceskating at Sea World and wanted to go, we chose to go the next day, it was pouring rain outside so we headed to UTC.
The boys did great!

Maggie tried out the ice.

And Job did a bit by himself too!

It was a great weekend.

Can't wait for Christmas in the SNOW at the cabin!!!!

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Barley Family said...

Great photos of you guys :) Too bad we won't be in big bear at the same time!