Monday, September 21, 2009

Magdelena May is ONE!

And we celebrated Luau style! This event brought to you by her parents

Our close friends and family joined us for a great day of fun. We had a jumper, sand table activity, yummy food from Da Kines, and CAKE!
Maggie wore a hula girl outfit, thank you Dana for the beautiful Tutu and hair clip and thank you Colleen for the adorable bathing suit!!!

And the boys looked pretty handsome too!

Does Diego ever not have a ball with him?

Job in Heaven, the only boy in the jumper with all these beautiful girls!

I made a volcano cake out of rice krispies but it looked more like a piece of poop so I'll omit the picture.

I made Maggie her own Hybiscus cake! We took it away after about 5 minutes!

Diego wacking the pinata

My Lefty hitting like a righty

Cutie girl, never stunned by the chaos

Maggie's 1st lollipop, She's got one tooth, it can't hurt much, right?

Job found his new favorite candy, a ring pop. I have no idea where he found it, I didn't put any in the pinata and this was when the party first started.

The Sand/bucket game.

The fun poster


"Lets roll!"

"Papa, I'm tired, Is the party over yet?"

Thanks grandma and Grandpa for all your help AGAIN (and Aunt Debbie)!!

It was a great day! I still can't believe that Maggie is ONE! She is walking, beginning to talk, and is just such a fun little girl! She keeps up with her brothers but is also such a cuddly girl. I just pray for many more happy and sweet years for her.
I love you Maggie May!

And, the latest Family picture!

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my little buttercup said...

Great pictures! We (especially Kaylee) had such a good time! When we left she said, "we can't go yet, we haven't done the hula!"
Ha, ha, thanks for a great time!