Monday, September 21, 2009

Magdelena May is ONE!

And we celebrated Luau style! This event brought to you by her parents

Our close friends and family joined us for a great day of fun. We had a jumper, sand table activity, yummy food from Da Kines, and CAKE!
Maggie wore a hula girl outfit, thank you Dana for the beautiful Tutu and hair clip and thank you Colleen for the adorable bathing suit!!!

And the boys looked pretty handsome too!

Does Diego ever not have a ball with him?

Job in Heaven, the only boy in the jumper with all these beautiful girls!

I made a volcano cake out of rice krispies but it looked more like a piece of poop so I'll omit the picture.

I made Maggie her own Hybiscus cake! We took it away after about 5 minutes!

Diego wacking the pinata

My Lefty hitting like a righty

Cutie girl, never stunned by the chaos

Maggie's 1st lollipop, She's got one tooth, it can't hurt much, right?

Job found his new favorite candy, a ring pop. I have no idea where he found it, I didn't put any in the pinata and this was when the party first started.

The Sand/bucket game.

The fun poster


"Lets roll!"

"Papa, I'm tired, Is the party over yet?"

Thanks grandma and Grandpa for all your help AGAIN (and Aunt Debbie)!!

It was a great day! I still can't believe that Maggie is ONE! She is walking, beginning to talk, and is just such a fun little girl! She keeps up with her brothers but is also such a cuddly girl. I just pray for many more happy and sweet years for her.
I love you Maggie May!

And, the latest Family picture!

Monday, September 14, 2009

A great day with the grandparents.

Thank you Santee lakes and spray grounds for a great day!
This was the first time the kids had been fishing. Grandpa got them some poles and we were off. Grandpa baited the hooks with worms, always fun for boys,

and then we waited.

Thankfully we didn't have to wait too long!
Within 10 minutes Job had caught a blue gill,

and about 5 minutes later...and CATFISH! It was huge!

Once we reeled it in they didn't want to get near it so we had to hang it by them to get a picture.
We released the fish and said "bye bye kitty fish".

Next we went to the park to play and eat lunch. We fed some ducks, and then cooled off at the spray grounds.
Grandma went it with Maggie

And the boys had a great time.

They can't wait to "take Papa fishing and show him how"

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Job is a Pre-schooler!

I wish I could say things went perfect and smooth, but that's not how we roll.
**So sorry for my over dramatic version**
It's been months that Job has been waiting till "Septembo" so he can start school. Even up till the night before he was trying on his new gear.

Build up, build up, then this morning when I had to wake him from his sleeping slumber, "I don't want to go to school".
I thought the school bus pancakes helped a bit.

In the car, "Mama, I want to go back home".
When we pulled up to the school, "Mama, my boo boo hurts, my shoes hurt". (He had cut his ankle the night before).

I brought a back up pair of slippas thank the LORD!

This is Job telling me "Mama! This is CHURCH!! I want to go to school!" (the preschool is at our church, and his class is the same room as his Sunday school class)

"I want Rachel to be in my class!" (Rachel is not in his class).

"I want to play with Rachel on the playground!"
(Rachel is in the next playground because she is older)

"OK, go have fun Job". And he was off...
In the middle of kids playing and running around I look and he's standing in the middle of the yard, crying, looking for any familiar face he can cling to.
Job is great at making friends he just needs to find that someone to make a friend with. This is when I was BALLING!!!! To see him so sad and having a hard time in what was suppose to be a fun day crushed me. I DID NOT Expect to cry AT ALL! It seemed so silly but I couldn't help it.
Finally his teachers found him and brought him over to the others.
I know within 10 minutes he was having a good time but in that moment he just looked so sad and out of place.
Some friends called me to let me know they took a peek after I had left and they saw him playing just fine. That made me feel much better!

As for little brother, Diego did great. I was expecting a bit of a melt down but he was fine. He helped hold a lunch pack and my checkbook and stayed close to me as I ran around like a crazy woman to the classroom, playground, car then back to the office cause I forgot to pay tuition.

We got home and he said "Where's Job?" I told him he was at school and we'd get him later, "Oh, O.K., cause he's a big boy now!". So I put Maggie down for a nap and Diego and I colored, ate snacks, did dishes, and chilled out together and watched video. He even suggested getting Job some french fries to make him feel better!
When we picked him up he was all smiles! He did great, had fun and met some friends...but still can't remember their names. I knew he would do great, he just had to warm up a bit.
And finally seeing Rachel and his buddy Faith helped out too!

And the little siblings got to hang out with the big kids.

Then Papa offered to take us out for ice cream to help celebrate some more! Gotta love $1/scoop Tuesdays at Baskin Robbins!
He is ready for day two and I think we will all do much better!
I still can't believe my little boy is going to school.