Sunday, August 2, 2009

1st Family Camping trip

For Steve's Birthday we headed to Leo Carillos near Malibu for our first camping trip. We met My parents there too.
There is lots to do there, the campgrounds were nicely spaced out, there was a river bed behind us that the boys loved to explore with Grandpa

Some of our family that lives near by met us there during the days and helped us have some fun.

Silly boy

Storytime with Job
Maggie escaping

problem solved

Uncle James and Job roasting marshmellows, and hiding from the smoke.

The beach was within walking distance away and had small tidepools
One sand crab chasing another

Grandma and Job climbing

Maggie sharing Grandmas shot


Happy boy

The kids did Awesome! they took naps at the beach, slept pretty good at night (a bit of musical beds going on, but no biggie) and had lots of fun passing the time!
I'm so glad we got to spend Steve's birthday doing something fun like this!
Happy 35th you OLD MAN!!!

I can't wait for the next trip!
As for Baby Maggie...
"Let me at em Mom!"

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Grandparents R said...

We also had a blast, thanks for having us there to share in Steve's bday and more family fun. If you ever want to borrow our van, it will always be there for you. love grand-poopy and grandma