Thursday, August 13, 2009


This is what I've been hearing all day and evening at our house for the last 18hrs.

Sancho is our newest addition to the family.
When Steve asked me if I wanted a rescue puppy from Mexico I said "NO!".

He showed me the picture, I said "NO!"
He said "Why?", I gave my 27 reasons, and then...
He came home with this little guy:

Yes, he is cute, he is a great little puppy that is 90% potty trained, he doesn't bark, he sits for treats, and he came from a neglected place BLAH BLAH BLAH. But I wasn't ready for a dog. I'm still not ready. Things have changed already. I can't let Maggie go outside unless he's tied up or I'm holding her. I have to check the grass for "maneuvers", And I have to yell "out" every time I hear him peek through the screen door.

However, he is here and he is absolutely adorable. The kids have fallen in love with him (even though they've all been scratched with his loving paws).
I know he will grow and get bigger. I know it will be hard. And I know that at times I will be annoyed with him for knocking Maggie down again, but I've already gotten use to him and I love him too. I'm glad we were able to take him in and care for him and I'm glad my kids will always have an outside playmate.

Plus, less sweeping for me!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

1st Family Camping trip

For Steve's Birthday we headed to Leo Carillos near Malibu for our first camping trip. We met My parents there too.
There is lots to do there, the campgrounds were nicely spaced out, there was a river bed behind us that the boys loved to explore with Grandpa

Some of our family that lives near by met us there during the days and helped us have some fun.

Silly boy

Storytime with Job
Maggie escaping

problem solved

Uncle James and Job roasting marshmellows, and hiding from the smoke.

The beach was within walking distance away and had small tidepools
One sand crab chasing another

Grandma and Job climbing

Maggie sharing Grandmas shot


Happy boy

The kids did Awesome! they took naps at the beach, slept pretty good at night (a bit of musical beds going on, but no biggie) and had lots of fun passing the time!
I'm so glad we got to spend Steve's birthday doing something fun like this!
Happy 35th you OLD MAN!!!

I can't wait for the next trip!
As for Baby Maggie...
"Let me at em Mom!"

My middle child

Earlier in the week Diego got hurt, again!
After a fun day of swimming we headed to the van. He decided to roll down the window for me because it was so hot and instead opened the door. His head hit the concrete and this is what he got...!an EGG! This is one of those moments where I was NOT thinking and let him go up front. Never again! Thanks goodness I was with friends and they calmed me down.
He was fine after a few minutes, and some fries and healed up very quickly!

He was back to wrestling and running around by the afternoon.

Job has a new obsession

First it was Baby Kaitlyn's cake
I had just told Kelly how he was fine upstairs by himself! I guess even the sweetest 3yr old can't be trusted when cake is in arms reach.

Then Steve's Bday cake!

I promise to keep him far from any of your children's upcoming birthday cakes!