Wednesday, July 8, 2009


or should I say catch-up! :) I've been neglecting my blog, here you go!

Most recent Family Pic

Maggie loves the Beach!

Maggie and Joseph

Maggie is crazy!

Maggie is adventurous

Maggie is cute!

Job the fireman...or Cirque de le Mer employee

Diego's balancing act

Batter up!

Job wrote his 1st legible "A" (in red)

Finally renewed or Zoo passes!
The boys 1st movie at the theatre

It's been a crazy last 2 weeks, and only getting crazier with a jam packed July!
I'm so thankful my hubby was home this last week to hang out with us, so much fun!
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TUTU Monkey said...

Gosh have such a cute family!!!

Grandparents R said...

Wow you really pack a lot in. I wish you were my mom, too much fun!!!grandma