Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July!

We stayed with tradition and headed to the Coronado Parade for our 4th year and met up with some Fabulous Friends! Luckily some Fabulous Hubby's had saved a spot for all of us! The boys loved the fire engines and sirens, Maggie loved whatever music went by.

Maggie slept through the begininning of it, she missed how ridiculous her Mama looked, but that what's happens when the boys leave their stuff lying around, I had to put it somewhere!

We left a bit early, I think the parade goes on FOR-EVER!

Then we headed to a Friends in La Jolla for an afternoon of swimming,

BBQ, and fireworks. I put Maggie down in the spare room at 7pm and then we let the boys stay up for the big show. But when Greg pumped up his lovely sound system, Maggie was she got to enjoy the fireworks with us.
We don't have any pictures of the spectacular show because we had our hands full of kids, but it was cool, we could see Coronado, OB, La Jolla and Sea world from their back yard.

In between, crying, whining and falling down the boys enjoyed it I'm sure. I guess we just dont do 930pm well without good naps.
Happy 4th of July America!!! Thank you to all the Men and Women who serve our country!

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