Friday, July 31, 2009


go HERE for a great give-away by a very talented woman!!! Look, buy, but don't enter, It's my turn to win something! Just kidding, but seriuosly, don't! :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tigers, Tutu's and T Shirts!!!!

The Tigers

the Tutu's
(made by the talented Dana)

Birthday girl Maya

(Maggie at 10 months)

and... the T-Shirt...

Congrats "Soon to be Mommy of three"!
(made by the talented Colleen)

and, what else we've been up to...

Loving the Zoo and Seaworld...we are crazy to go in this crazy heat, but the kids don't seem to care.

Staying cool in the pool...and ice cream always helps!

Birthday Parties and Pinatas

And Maggie, getting one step closer to walking!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

11 years together

and 6 years married!

I love you, my project manager! Thanks for making my life so amazing and for being my absolute best friend! Here's to many more years filled with way too much fun and excitement! Love you Papa! -Wifey

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


or should I say catch-up! :) I've been neglecting my blog, here you go!

Most recent Family Pic

Maggie loves the Beach!

Maggie and Joseph

Maggie is crazy!

Maggie is adventurous

Maggie is cute!

Job the fireman...or Cirque de le Mer employee

Diego's balancing act

Batter up!

Job wrote his 1st legible "A" (in red)

Finally renewed or Zoo passes!
The boys 1st movie at the theatre

It's been a crazy last 2 weeks, and only getting crazier with a jam packed July!
I'm so thankful my hubby was home this last week to hang out with us, so much fun!
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Before our friends the Price's moved we spent some time with them up at San Onofre for the day while they were camping.

That evening our backyard turned into the Moto camp site.

Roasting marshmellow for smore's...

and drinking hot chocolate for the 1st time!

They slept great outside in the tent and loved it!
We have plans to go camping again in Santa Barbara at the end of the month! Hopefully they will do just as great!

4th of July!

We stayed with tradition and headed to the Coronado Parade for our 4th year and met up with some Fabulous Friends! Luckily some Fabulous Hubby's had saved a spot for all of us! The boys loved the fire engines and sirens, Maggie loved whatever music went by.

Maggie slept through the begininning of it, she missed how ridiculous her Mama looked, but that what's happens when the boys leave their stuff lying around, I had to put it somewhere!

We left a bit early, I think the parade goes on FOR-EVER!

Then we headed to a Friends in La Jolla for an afternoon of swimming,

BBQ, and fireworks. I put Maggie down in the spare room at 7pm and then we let the boys stay up for the big show. But when Greg pumped up his lovely sound system, Maggie was she got to enjoy the fireworks with us.
We don't have any pictures of the spectacular show because we had our hands full of kids, but it was cool, we could see Coronado, OB, La Jolla and Sea world from their back yard.

In between, crying, whining and falling down the boys enjoyed it I'm sure. I guess we just dont do 930pm well without good naps.
Happy 4th of July America!!! Thank you to all the Men and Women who serve our country!