Thursday, June 25, 2009

Friday Flashback and More!

Maggie's One Month Picture:

and 9 Month picture!

Just crazy! Looking at them like this makes her seem so much older, even though she is still my BABY! She's on the move so much that I could hardly get her to stay still for the picture!

Here she is getting into trouble with that Darn Curiuos George

Maggie Pre-earrings

Maggie and BFF Karina after they have their pretty earrings

Happy Eating Dance at Grandma and Grandpa's

Diego and Job, being as still as I've ever seen them before.

IT's a Bird, It's a, Its Super D-Man!!



Barley Family said...

Are you sure that's the same lamb?? :) She is getting big so fast!! and just keeps getting cuter :)

Grandparents R said...

She really looks like a little girl now. bummer I wanted her to stay little