Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy 2cnd Birthday D-MAN!!!!

Happy Birthday My love! I CAN NOT believe you are Two Years Old! Time has gone by so fast, and yet you are doing so much! You are so special and perfect in every way. I think you may have one of the best smiles and giggles ever! You can drop kick a ball better then me and I think you can out play anyone! You are non-stop action and craziness, but I LOVE IT! Thank you for being so sweet and cuddly. Thank you for making all of us smile on a daily basis! I Love that you and your Papa are attached at the hip but you still love me too! I think I could look at your feet and laugh about how cute they are all day long! I love your smooshy kisses and that now say "SHUR" to anything! You are the middle child, but you definetly stand out! I love You Diego James! Happy Birthday!

Click on the slideshow for some fun pics!


Grandparents R said...

Diego's smile is so contagious. Can't wait to see it in person this weekend. love mom

The Enemocon Family said...

very awesome video. Happy 2nd Birthday to Diego. He is such a joy to see.