Sunday, May 31, 2009

Give me a "D"....

It didn't take us long to realize that any party for Diego was going to have to be a sports theme! So with some help of some great friends and Family this is what we got! People were encouraged to dress up in uniforms and be creative, they did not let us down!
Balloons and tattoos by Judah

Maggie the Cheerleader

Maggie and BFF Abby

My little Lefty Job, wacking the pinata

Bicyclist Grandma and Maggie. You should've won the prize for best dressed, Mom, but I didn't want to make a kid cry.

Mama and Maggie

Is this a football hold?

Diego and Mama...don't worry D-Man, I wont dress like this when you get older.

Football cake and basketball/baseball cupcakes

"Happy Birthday to you..."

And Blow!!!!

Love you little Man!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy 2cnd Birthday D-MAN!!!!

Happy Birthday My love! I CAN NOT believe you are Two Years Old! Time has gone by so fast, and yet you are doing so much! You are so special and perfect in every way. I think you may have one of the best smiles and giggles ever! You can drop kick a ball better then me and I think you can out play anyone! You are non-stop action and craziness, but I LOVE IT! Thank you for being so sweet and cuddly. Thank you for making all of us smile on a daily basis! I Love that you and your Papa are attached at the hip but you still love me too! I think I could look at your feet and laugh about how cute they are all day long! I love your smooshy kisses and that now say "SHUR" to anything! You are the middle child, but you definetly stand out! I love You Diego James! Happy Birthday!

Click on the slideshow for some fun pics!

Friday, May 22, 2009


WE headed to Santa Cruz to Surprise My mom for her 50th Birthday.

Checking our bags. Job and Diego kept saying "I essited Mama!" (EXCITED)

Diego seeing if he could fit as a carry-on

Up top in Grandpa's new camper!

The van fit us all but since there were only lap belts and we didn't bring a base for Maggie's seat we couldn't buckle her in. So she was in her carseat on the floor of the van. And if any of you know about highway 17 (Old San Jose rd actually) then you know it made for an interesting ride!

So, with a little help from her boss, Grandma came down to the beach house thinking she was recording some license plates of possible drug dealers. Then "POP", we jumped up with party poppers and yelled "SURPRISED!" She had no idea! (sorry no picture, I was holding a kid and a popper)

After we settled in we hit the sand
Grandpa and the boys playing Chase with the waves, our first evening at sunset.

Beautiful Santa Cruz Sunset. Cold, but beautiful!

The birthday Girl with her grandsons

If any of you parents need a good "put your kids to sleep" book, here it is: Ping night one

night two

Some beach fun

Job found a starfish, then had to pee.

Dirt mouth
Diego and Steve cruising on the bike
Job pushing cousin Perry

Job checking out the scene with Grandpas binoculars

Job got to cruise with Papa on the bike, and came back with a push pop

Grandpa's Van needed a new water pump, Thanks so much for the tow, and for a bit more too!
Maggie and Grandpa Walt

So , Happy Birthday again Mom! Sorry you had to buy your own cake.

This was by far the best family Vacation so far. It was the first time we flew as a family of five and I was so happy that the kids did so well. They flew great, slept great, played great and it was such a joy to be with all my family for such a fun occasion. I hope this can turn into an annual event! Thanks Grandpa for setting it all up, see you both soon!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Book Em Danno...

She's FIVE-O!!
Can you believe it? 50 years Old Ladies and Gentlemen!!!! And she's not any average lady...shall we take a walk down memory lane?

Very Preggo with Me

Sunny bathing

Is this where I learned how to give such good kisses?

And how to shmoosh cheeks?

Gotta love dance routines in the middle of wrapping presents, and a break for another kiss

Surprising me for my birthday at sweet!

A new beginning!

Gotta Love the 80's style!
Oh boy...Polka dots, high shorts, and a sports bra as a shirt! Where's the fanny pack?

My Motorcycle Mama


You are always with me for my biggest moments, here on my 21st Birthday and engagement night

You and Randy still know how to have fun, and show others what being in love is all about

You can conquer anything you set your mind to, here after your 50mile bicycle race in Mexico

Taking after your hubby, but not because of your hubby, and becoming a police officer, who would've thought?

And excelling at being a Grandma!

Thank you for all you have done for me and my family! You have been a fantastic Mom and friend. I would not be here if it wasn't for you, your dedication, hard work, and love. So here's wishing you many more years full of fun, excitement, and surprises! We all love you so much!

Happy 50th Birthday!