Thursday, April 9, 2009

Diegos first, and hopefully last trip...

to the ER!
Today while I was finishing up in the bathroom I heard Job and Diego arguing. I asked Job to come over to me and told him I was almost done and that he needed to be nice, "no fighting, no pushing, no hitting or arguing". He agreed, then 3 seconds later I hear,
"No I sit there!"
"No, I sit there!"
As I walked down the hall to break up a fight I heard "THUD" then a Scream.

I immediatly scooped Diego up off the floor and took him the couch. Job admitted that he pushed him off his bed. I thought his head was hurt but then realized he was guarding his arm. After about 45 minutes of on/off crying I Dropped Job off at my friend Jessenia's and went to Childrens ER.

The nurse thought it was nursemaids elbow (dislocated at the elbow), but after setting it in place he was still not using his arm. After Xrays we found it was ALSO BROKEN. Both forearm bones!
So we went to Ortho and he got a cast. He chose bright green and cried the WHOLE TIME! After the nurses twisted and pulled on him he was not happy with anyone in scrubs!
his Xray:

Job put it on the fridge as if it's his artwork:

Job praying that Diego will feel better and asking for forgiveness. Diego still holding the tylenol like it's helping him get better:

The first smile all day...french fries always help

All in all our experience at Children's Hospital was Awesome! We never waited more then 10 minutes for anything. We spent a total of about 2-2 1/2 hrs there. And for all that we had to get done it was not that long at all! That being said...I am definetly not looking forward to our bill!

Everyone is passed out asleep from the crazy morning, including my sweet boy Diego. Poor kid!


Erin said...

Oh...poor baby! Glad to see him smiling after all that.

Lisa said...

What a crazy story! Poor little guy!! I love your blog!

April said...

Ooh! Poor guy! He will have to take a break from b-ball. Well knowing him, he'll figure out a way to shoot some hoops! So sorry you had to go through this! Job's prayer photo is cute.

TUTU Monkey said...

Hope all is going well....Happy Easter ......

Poor little guy!

* TONYA * said...

poor guy. I got your email. Hope he's coping well with the cast.