Friday, May 1, 2009

Catch up on Life!

Get ready!!!!
I just haven't been in the blogging mood, so here is a re-cap of our last month!

Granny visited us for 10 days, we did a whole lot in those 10 days. Granny bought the Boys "Babe" and they are now completly addicted!!!!

Granny getting ready for Bed:

She hung in there with us for storytimes, playdates, Bible studies, Car washes,

Balboa Park

Imax theatre:

and Science museum:

A fun Day in the sun. The temperature was up to 92degrees. This was also the day that Diego jumped into the kiddie pool and had to get a new cast. :)

Diego TRYING to keep his hands up and not get it wet...that lasted two times.

The next day, the pool with no water...and a new cast.

A BBQ with the Cooper's and Maloney's

We said our farewell's to granny and went to the Encinitas St Fair.

Here are some shots from the Biggest tantrum in History! I don't even remember what it was all about now, but he was not happy. While he was suppose to be waiting patiently in his room, he decided to redecorate. He also decided to destroy his brothers guitar...

As you can see, he was really sorry...

In other news...Maggie is so close to crawling...

Thanks uncle David for the Pirate Gear!


Papa got his Father's day, birthday and anniversary presents early, a flatscreen!
The boys had fun playing with his tools and making the box into a Barn for their animals.

Since we don't have cable "Bambi" is the most popular watched video in the house. The boys favorite part is when Bambi wrestles with the other deer for his girl...and now we get to enjoy it on a 40inch flat screen, over and over and over and over!!!!

I got to go out and celebrate Karies Birthday with some Fabulous friends

Then to end the month of April, the kids and I went to the Carlsbad flower fields with our friends. We got some good pictures and enjoyed a fun tractor ride through the field.

So, that was us this last month, in a nut shell.

I wonder what will happen in May?

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