Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What we've been up to

Saturday we went to the St Patricks Day Parade at Balboa park. I only took one picture of the boys, and one of Maggie. sorry
A scary clown came to give the boys a sticker and blocked their view of the drums, what they had been waiting for the whole parade. Thank you but move it sister!

This is what Maggie thought of the parade

Maggie practicing sitting up

Then Sunday we went a BBQ with some friends

These boys just can't sit down!

Joaquin making sure every last crumb and drip of icecream is gone. This little boy just melts my heart!

Maggie getting better at sitting up, Job still props pillows all around here just incase

I started feeling under the weather on Tues but it was St Patty's day, So I cooked some green eggs, made a shamrock cake and was able to hang in there for some friends to come over and enjoy some corned beef and cabbage.

Maggie in her "wee bit irish" top hat

My boys are the messiest cupcake eaters ever!

Malcolm is on the go!

The Matsumoto kids

Noah and Malcolm

The Happy Crew!

Job is doing well at potty training, still having the dreaded accidents but we are getting close. Diego is talking so much and is not far behind with the potty training too.

And today my baby girl is 6 months old!!!!! She's sitting up, rolling around, eating cereal...

and today she tried out her cool bath chair so she can splash it up with her brothers.

So, that's us in a nut shell.

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