Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pantry challenge

I'm gonna try this out. The Pantry Challenge:
Here are my before pictures.

As you can tell there is no rhyme or reason to my pantry or frig...they are a mess, just like the rest of my day :)

I haven't been to the store since last weekend (4 days ago). I know for a fact I'll have to go for milk and eggs soon but I will do my best to not by other items. Hopefully this will also help my kids in dealing with trying different things. I think they are getting too picky and spoiled!

Wish me luck.

Whoops! Forgot to tell the hubby!

He dropped by the store on the way home.

OK, it oficially starts NOW!

1 comment:

* TONYA * said...

You can do it, your stocked full by the look of it. I posted mine a couple of days ago too. So far so good, but we did have to buy bread and eggs on Tuesday ... 2 staples we cannot live without.

Good luck.