Thursday, March 5, 2009

As requested...

Erin asked to see some before and afters of our house. Here is my house Before I clean it up...and after.

Book shelf area:

after I clean up:

Living room before I clean up:

After I clean up:

Couch area before I clean up:

and After

And about 15min later it looks like the before pictures again.
Diego loves to sing the "clean up" song, but still hasn't caught on to actually cleaning up!
You can have all the bins in the world for storage, the problem is all the "stuff" in those bins!

And here's an extra...the car!


Your turn!!


Anonymous said...
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Erin said...

Ha Ha! Your "before" and "after" are opposite of mine, but at least now you have a clean house and car....for another 15 minutes:)

TUTU Monkey said...

You do a great job....with 3...yikes

Sarah makes the same mess all by herself......she told me to quit singing the "clean up" song the other day..."I not like it MommY"