Friday, February 13, 2009

Steve had a great idea to pour some concrete and build a bigger patio space for the backyard. It gets kind of muddy coming intot he house and the kids can't ride their scooters without running into eachother. So...

Life before:
Digging for worms from our small sidewalk.

the boys Measuring and hammering the stakes down to size it up.

Diego watching Jose Demo the existing sidewalk

"that was fast!"

Steve ( with a little help from the boys and me) dug the space out about 4inches down. A lot more work than I thought!

Boys and Steve framing out the space

Ready for the concrete truck!!!!

Job checking out the hose truck


Finally, pouring!

"Please let us help!"

Whoops! Came up a bit short. We had to block off the space with a 2X4 cause the truck ran out of concrete.

The kids putting their hand marks in the hardened cement. Job screamed his head off, not sure why, then Diego followed by example and screamed too.

Maggie happy as always

our hands

Round two: "Papa's truck is the concrete truck!" (Steve had to get a mini mixer to finish the job)

Diego digging up the front yard

Maggie watching the action from a safe distance

Wheel barrel loads to the backyard

and a day later...Whoo Hoo!!!! It's dry!!!!

The happy boys get to show off their stuff

Thanks PAPA!!!!


TUTU Monkey said...

That looks great Steve is GREAT!!

Endless hours of fun to be had out in that great backyard of yours!!

Barley Family said...

Oooo bikes in the backyard! YAY! Nice job! :) We want to come play! :)