Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Here we go!!!!

It is Day 2 of Job wearing nothing but CHONIES!!!!!!!!
He came out of his room the morning of his birthday and put chonies on and said "no diaper!"
I have been having him go to the bathroom just about every hour because I'm so scared he will forget! I just say "you need to go." and trying not to ask him if he needs or wants to go.
We went to the zoo and he used the potty there 3 times! He used it at Target today, and lasted at the gorcery store too! He woke up dry from his naps and has been running to the bathroom when he feels like he has to go!

The only accident was on the way home from the zoo. I heard "Mama, I'm all wet, I went shee shee in my pants." Then, he came in the house, stripped down and put on new clothes all by himself.

He even picked out "Diego chonies" at target today!

This "Big boy 3 year old" thing is really working out for us!
So wish us luck, we may be on our way to one diaper free child in the house!!

the only problem...he hasn't gone Poo poos in 2 days!!Yikes!


Ashley said...

WAHOO JOB!! And YAY for mommy not haven't to change more diapers than she has to :) Isn't it wonderful?!

Barley Family said...

yay Job!! Caylin withheld her poo too when I took away the pull ups. She started to get a tummy ache and just told her she would feel better if she went...she finally did :) just remember to feed him lots of frits and veggies and water to keep it soft!