Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Job!

Feb 24th 2009
Happy 3rd Birthday Job!
Here's a little re-cap of Job's first 3 years!

We celebrated Job's Birthday on Sat with lots and LOTS of friends! We had a big party with a jumper, balloon dude, food, cakes, and a pinata. Job got to choose, and picked out Curious George stuff for the theme. He also got a choice for his cake, he asked me to make a drum cake for him. The best part was when he actually played the "drum" with the "drum sticks" made of chocolate covered pretzels and marshmellows. Diego lived in the jumper, Maggie hung out and got passed around in her cute party dress.

Best Balloons ever by Judah!( lightning Mcqueen and an elephant)

Babies were dropping like flies, JK, this was just Baby David decided to nap.

Maggie with Grandma and Grandpa

Diego and grandma

Job swinging with Maya and Graciela

Maggie and Abby

Job playing the drums

I think he had fun

Morning Birthday cupcake

Afternoon cupcake with friends at the Zoo

Diego's had enough!

Flying a kite with Papa

Evening cupcake

I LOVE YOU Jobbers, Boo boo, Love, Poopy pants, Stinker, Job-roni, Bubba, Boob Boo Bear, My first born son! I Thank God every day for blessing us with you, our sweet little man. You are amazing and I love you more and more each day.
I hope your 3rd Birthday is full of fun and loving memories!


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Morning, afternoon, evening - what, no nighttime cupcake? :) Happy Birthday, big boy Job!