Saturday, February 28, 2009

Startin off the weekend right!

Today was a beautiful day! It was nice enough to drag the pool and slip n slide out.
So the boys got lathered in sunblock and got their swim shorts on...

Papa came home just in time to help out and enjoy the sun too!

And Maggie layed/rolled in the shade and got to try on her first BIKINI!!!!

Check out these thighs!!!!!!


Job always making her laugh and making sure she has a toy to play with

And, the BOOTY!!!

Maybe this hot little Giraffe can make it to the sand tomorrow!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Flashback

Do they still do these kind of pictures?
Me and My mom

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Here we go!!!!

It is Day 2 of Job wearing nothing but CHONIES!!!!!!!!
He came out of his room the morning of his birthday and put chonies on and said "no diaper!"
I have been having him go to the bathroom just about every hour because I'm so scared he will forget! I just say "you need to go." and trying not to ask him if he needs or wants to go.
We went to the zoo and he used the potty there 3 times! He used it at Target today, and lasted at the gorcery store too! He woke up dry from his naps and has been running to the bathroom when he feels like he has to go!

The only accident was on the way home from the zoo. I heard "Mama, I'm all wet, I went shee shee in my pants." Then, he came in the house, stripped down and put on new clothes all by himself.

He even picked out "Diego chonies" at target today!

This "Big boy 3 year old" thing is really working out for us!
So wish us luck, we may be on our way to one diaper free child in the house!!

the only problem...he hasn't gone Poo poos in 2 days!!Yikes!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Job!

Feb 24th 2009
Happy 3rd Birthday Job!
Here's a little re-cap of Job's first 3 years!

We celebrated Job's Birthday on Sat with lots and LOTS of friends! We had a big party with a jumper, balloon dude, food, cakes, and a pinata. Job got to choose, and picked out Curious George stuff for the theme. He also got a choice for his cake, he asked me to make a drum cake for him. The best part was when he actually played the "drum" with the "drum sticks" made of chocolate covered pretzels and marshmellows. Diego lived in the jumper, Maggie hung out and got passed around in her cute party dress.

Best Balloons ever by Judah!( lightning Mcqueen and an elephant)

Babies were dropping like flies, JK, this was just Baby David decided to nap.

Maggie with Grandma and Grandpa

Diego and grandma

Job swinging with Maya and Graciela

Maggie and Abby

Job playing the drums

I think he had fun

Morning Birthday cupcake

Afternoon cupcake with friends at the Zoo

Diego's had enough!

Flying a kite with Papa

Evening cupcake

I LOVE YOU Jobbers, Boo boo, Love, Poopy pants, Stinker, Job-roni, Bubba, Boob Boo Bear, My first born son! I Thank God every day for blessing us with you, our sweet little man. You are amazing and I love you more and more each day.
I hope your 3rd Birthday is full of fun and loving memories!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Flashback!

Diego and Maggie May in Sept 08, AKA "Magamite" as he calls her

...and Now

and here is Maggie's 1 and 5 month pictures

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day of Love

We had a great family day for Valentines this year. We started off with some yummy heart shaped pancakes for breakfast. Steve and I got each other obnoxious singing cards and I got some VS goodies and a beautiful bouquet of red Tulips!!!!

Then we went to Sea World with the kids, we forgot the camera.

Then came home and while the boys slept and played I made Steve a homemade apple pie.

Job and Diego helped make sugar cookies,

I let them use the cookie cutter and I tried my hardest not to make them look the way they should


Steve (and Diego) put some casing up so Maggie could bounce.

Then we had a yummy dinner together and of course it all ended with a dance party in the living room. Steve is lucky I don't know how to put videos on here :)

And here's a picture of Maggie and I on her first Valentines Day, I don't have many of them...She is so stinkin cute!