Thursday, January 15, 2009

Vacation at home!

Since Steve has some time till his next job begins he's had a couple of days off. It's been awesome. Yesterday we went on a bike ride with the kids around Mission Bay.

And today we went to Sea World...round two! We got there when it opened and didn't leave till 330pm! We let the boys skip naps and just went for it!
We saw close to everything there. We were able to catch the Sea lion, Dolphin and Shamu shows! we had a couple near-meltdowns toward the end, but nothing that a little popcorn and fruit punch couldn't cure.

Meeting Shamu

Elmo...a little freaky for Diego. Job LOVED him!

At the tide pools

Magnified Diego

Hunting in the Shark tunnel

Breaking for lunch before the Dolphin show

Bay of Play

At the Clydesdales

Job trying to sneak behind the chains for a closer look


Today was a day of firsts. Job and Diego's 1st time meeting Elmo, Big bird, seeing (or even hearing the name) Shamu, touching starfish and sea cucumbers, being on the bigscreen at a Show, wearing winter hats and tank tops, and getting completely soaked in the splash zone, and everyone going to bed an hour early
!Thanks for a great day Papa.

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Tati's Momma said...

Family days are the best! Looks like you had such a wonderful time! The picture of you and Maggie on the bike is precious :)