Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Thanks to our friend April we were able to go to Sea World for $6 as guests through her education class. THANKS AGAIN APRIL!

The boys always look over at the tower as we drive by Sea Wolrd dr on our way into OB to see friends. I kept telling them "one day we will go there". So when we were pulling into the Parking Lot Job was super stoked!
We started out with the Beluga whales, then the dolphin show, and Sharks.
Job also got to feed his Favorite Animal, The Sea Lions!!!He didn't seem to mind the slimy fish, but was a little reluctant to shove his fingers too far into the tube, Mama had to help a bit.

We headed over to see Shamu(neither of the boys knows who Shamu is). Job also was determined to see "fish Stars"(star fish at the tide pools).

On our way to see Shamu and the "fish stars" they got a peek of an Elmo ride at the Bay of Play. So we took a detour and went to check out the rides. Job didn't feel like getting wet and wanted to go check out the rides.

Not knowing what to expect I told Job we "might" be able to ride something. Ofcourse having a 4 month old with us and there being four of us total we couldn't ride anything.
We kept wallking around to see what else we could do. Diego had a good time in the water and jumping in the little kids section...Job not too happy about the situation.

Job really not happy and starting to melt down...


All in all it was a great day. the boys had a good time, saw new things, and had a ton of stories to tell Papa when he got home. Mama was stressed out, tired and had a gnarly headache. I think that it finally hit me, I have 3 kids under 3 and I can't just go anywhere I want and expect it to be easy. I'm excited to go back (with my husband ofcourse, NEVER GOING SOLO AGAIN!) and hopefully Job and Diego can see Shamu and those darn star fish!! And Maybe, just maybe, get a picture of my daughter!


April said...

Ooh Melissa! You are so sweet! I'm really glad you could go! The meltdown...yes...we have all been there. But with 3! You deserve a cookie! Or a frappuccino whichever you prefer!

TUTU Monkey said...

We are not tall enough for the big kids bounce net thing.....we have similar reactions.

Looks like you guys had a blast!!

Kelly said...

Dear Melissa-- I am in utter awe that you even *attempted* this outing with a preschooler, a toddler and a 4 month old baby---by yourself!!! You rock! And you are my inspiration (if she can do it with 3, I should be able to do it with 2, right?).

I am so happy you finally got the chance to get to Sea World. It looks like the boys had a great time--sans one requisite meltdown. We never did make it to SW before we left San Diego----so, I am especially happy when those that live there take advantage of it.

Did I already say "You rock!"? :)