Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Memory

Last year we went to the Festival of Lights in Del Mar. We waited till the last weekend and had to endure a 45min wait to get to the start. This year, we went earlier in the season and breezed to the front.

The boys last year enjoying the view:

This year we let the boys roam around the Van a little (while we were going 10mph)
It was fun at first...

But soon got a little chaotic! Especially after we realized we had missed the exit and had to go around AGAIN!

Even Maggie got to play musical chairs

Some of the boys favorites:


It was a great time and the kids really enjoyed it. Job really enjoyed trying to run the van into the wall and Diego enjoyed waving to the the cars behind us and honking the horn.

But, there was one thing missing...a Nativity scene!

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Nat said...

How fun! I think I might see if we can take Anna this year- I love the pic of your husband driving with the crazy look on his face- made me laugh. :-)