Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!!

San Diego has been getting some crazy rain lately! And when there is rain..there is snow! Steve had today off because of the rain so we decided to take the kids up to the snow at Mt.Laguna. It takes about 45 minutes to get there. Although we began getting ready at 8am we didn't get out the door till after 1130 or so. I had to go get the kids some snow clothes, Target didn't have anything so I went to Burlington Coat Factory and scored! We packed up the kids(in the pouring down rain) and headed off. We had to stop and get some chains in El Cajon, quick stop at Mc Donalds then off to the mountains!

Here are the kids waiting so patiently at the chain stop. The CHP was telling everyone they HAD to have the chains on before they could continue. Steve spent over 1/2hr putting them on in the crazy rain only to find out they didn't fit( thank you very much lame guys at Auto zone!). So we snuck up the mountian when the CHP wasn't looking!!!!Yes, I know, bad! But come on, 4wheel drive, oversized tires, heated seats, and SCREAMING kids! Back off CHP!

As we continued up the mountain we immediatly saw SNOW!!!!!! The boys were excited and we decided to get out as soon as we saw some sledding spots.

We got the kids all geared up in there "Christmas Story" outfits and headed out. It was so beautiful and the temperature was nice. I watched Job take his first ever steps in the snow and he loved it. Then I saw Diego come around from the truck walking carefully, then, fall flat on his back! It was hilarious! He laid there, stiff as a board, waiting for help to get up again.
Maggie got dolled up in some fleece and then immeditaly went in the MOBY. She was asleep the rest of the visit(including a saucer ride with mama), snug as a bug!

We hung out with a snow man, and added some branches to him.
Steve forgot the boogie boards so we improvised and used a job site trash bag.It worked very good but then some other sledders took pity on us and let us use their sleds and boards. The boys loved it! I was waiting for crying and whining but there wasn't any.

Diego lost a shoe on his way down the hill

Our snowy family...Maggie is there somewhere I think behind the snowflake.

Diego making a snow angel

Job making a snow angel

Steve eating snow

copycat Diego eating snow

Job charging down the hill

It wouldn't be my blog without a "Seriuos Job" picture

More eating snow

More Diego copying

Maggie getting snow on her face

Maggie happy about the snow on her face

Steve's truck with a pile of snow on the back to take home with us, that's still there at 11pm!

I think this may have been one of the best days ever with my family. The boys had such a great time, they were such troopers! No crying, whining, fussing or injuries. What started as a chaotic morning of scrambling around to get things ready turned into the perfect family day.

to see the videos check out our flickr site


Kelly said...

What a fabulous family day!!! I am in awe---getting 3 little ones ready (including winter gear), car/chains, etc--you are an inspiration! Fun memories...I am so glad all turned out so well and that it was so fun. :)

Ashley said...

How fun!! Snow is always so much more fun when you don't get it a whole lot, haha!!

TUTU Monkey said...

OH how fun!!!!!

Good job...I am with Kelly...I am in awe that you got everyone dressed , ready, fed and out the door!! What a great Christmas tradtion to start.

I love the Christmas Story movie....the boys do look like that little brother...:)