Monday, December 22, 2008

A FABULOUS Christmas Party

Last night we went to our Faboulous Mom's Christmas Party. We had a great time hanging out with our friends. We had a gift exchange and some activities for the kids and lots of yummy food and drinks for the parents.

The kids sitting for pictures and waiting for presents from the gift exchange.

Playing Duck Duck Goose, the kids version where everyone runs and they all go different directions.

Craft time! thanks to our Fab friend Tonya the kids got to make necklaces, garland and bracelets made of Cheerios

Papa helping D-Man

Our best group Picture

(from left to right) Top:Jessenia with Malcolm, Tonya with Flynn and Marisol, Me with Job, Dana, Karie, Colleen, Vicky and Amber with Anika.
Bottom:Eva, Diego, Kaylee, Caylin, Roman, Sarah holding Charlie, Noah.

Cuddly Job

Job's Favorite...TATTOOS!!!!!Thank you secret Fab Mom!

And a Fabulous Farewell Kiss!

Diego found his new love. Him and Kaylee were flirting all night. Then, when he woke up this morning he said "KISSES!" He must have been dreaming it!
Merry Christmas everyone and have see you Next Year!!!!

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