Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

This year was our first year spent at home for Christmas in a long time. Uncle David, My parents, Grandpa Walt, and Aunt Debbie traveled here to visit.

I was glad we stayed home this year because as calm as you think it's going to never is.
Here's a re-cap:
A little house decorating:


Nativity scene

things breaking

crafts/party favors/ gum drop sorting

hot cocoa cones and wrapped cabinets

Veggie platters

Living Nativity at Horizon

Christmas outfit #1 on Sunday before Christmas

Met up with Grandpa, Grandma and Grandpa Walt downtown for a trainride.

small popcorn for Diego

Our best family photo at Christmas Eve service

Me and Mags

Maggie before her neck ache from over sized flower

Our stockings finally done, but not stuffed because I misplaced bag of stocking stuffer goodies!





Our tree at 1am Christmas morning

opening first gifts Christmas morning ( Maggie slept till almost 10am)

Trying new gear on

Job Shaving with new bath shaving kit

Maggie, Diego and I day after Christmas trying out new bike seats
...I know, not safe, but what are my options?

Steve and Job

Happy Job

Job on his new scooter

Job and Uncle David skateboarding at beach on day ater Christmas

Diego's new ball and net

Job's new painting easle

Then we went to a post Christmas-Christmas Party with some friends on the 27th.
Diego sipping Martenellis with Shannon

Brian bringing Maggie and Abby down from their mini slumber party upstairs ( we tried to put them to sleep together...didn't work)

Our Fam in front of one of the 4 trees at the party. It was the best decorated party of the year, tons of lights(all on sale after the 25th) and 4 trees!(they are free after Christmas!)

We had a great Christmas!
To see Job's face light up when he saw he actor playing the angel at the living nativity made my day! To watch Diego kick that ball into the net 50 times with a huge smile was awesome. To see Maggie all dressed up for her first Christmas was so cute! To see Steve glare at me for buying him superman pajama pants was worth it! And to celebrate Christ's birth with my family was a blessing!

And a Christmas is not complete without an Elf video!

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Barley Family said...

What a fun re-cap! Maggie looks so sweet :) I'm glad you all had such an awesome Christmas! :)