Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Healing Hands needed!

This was sent to me by my friend Tonya, please send your healing hands!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Most of you have seen me blogging about my dear friend Jessica and her little girl Tuesday. For those who haven't, Tuesday has been fighting Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.

Jessica is a member of my multiples group. We are a VERY tight knit group of mums who have twins the same age. We went through out pregnancies together (on-line), a lot of us have met in person and we have regular meet-ups in our areas. We chat every single day ... we've even been marrying our kids off to each other ha ha.

A couple of weeks ago Jess received the most wonderful news that Tuesday was cancer free after undergoing rounds of chemo and so many other procedures that I've lost count.

Before Christmas Tuesday had to go back to the doctor with abdominal pain. They thought it was a problem with her bowels. The day after Christmas she received the most devastating news. It was back. Already. A small 2x2 spot which they had thought was calcification was not that at all. It was now a 9x7 mass. In such a short amount of time, this grew and grew. Tuesday was supposed to be having a stem cell transplant. She will instead be undergoing more chemo, possibly surgery and there are talks of going to NYC, which apparently has the best surgeon and best course of treatments available.

Jessica's pastor had a wonderful idea to trace Tuesday's body and cover it with hands. Hands that will help heal. Hands filled with love and inspiration, hope and prayers. Jessica has bigger ideas. She would love to fill Tuesday's wall with healing hands.

This is where you come in. Send me your hands. Photograph them, scan them, trace them. I don't care how you get them to me, just please do. All hands that are emailed to me at blogbytonya@gmail.com will be printed and sent to Jessica. I just ask that somehow you include a message and your name on your hand so Tuesday knows who is helping to heal her.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Job's favorite food group

Job is addicted.

Our conversation this morning:
JOB: "Mama, I want more syrup please"
MAMA: "You already have some on your plate Job"
JOB: "Mama I want some more syrup please"
MAMA: "Job you've got some on your plate, you don't need anymore"
JOB: "Mama, may I have some more syrup please?"
MAMA "Job, No, you may not have anymore"
JOB: "Mama, may have some more syrup now?"
MAMA: "Job, what did Mama say?"
Job: "Mama said 'yes'".

Then after breakfast he got upset when I wiped his face because he wanted the syrup to stay on there.

Next he will want to take the syrup bottle to sleep with him.

Hope you have a sticky -free day!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

This year was our first year spent at home for Christmas in a long time. Uncle David, My parents, Grandpa Walt, and Aunt Debbie traveled here to visit.

I was glad we stayed home this year because as calm as you think it's going to be...it never is.
Here's a re-cap:
A little house decorating:


Nativity scene

things breaking

crafts/party favors/ gum drop sorting

hot cocoa cones and wrapped cabinets

Veggie platters

Living Nativity at Horizon

Christmas outfit #1 on Sunday before Christmas

Met up with Grandpa, Grandma and Grandpa Walt downtown for a trainride.

small popcorn for Diego

Our best family photo at Christmas Eve service

Me and Mags

Maggie before her neck ache from over sized flower

Our stockings finally done, but not stuffed because I misplaced bag of stocking stuffer goodies!





Our tree at 1am Christmas morning

opening first gifts Christmas morning ( Maggie slept till almost 10am)

Trying new gear on

Job Shaving with new bath shaving kit

Maggie, Diego and I day after Christmas trying out new bike seats
...I know, not safe, but what are my options?

Steve and Job

Happy Job

Job on his new scooter

Job and Uncle David skateboarding at beach on day ater Christmas

Diego's new ball and net

Job's new painting easle

Then we went to a post Christmas-Christmas Party with some friends on the 27th.
Diego sipping Martenellis with Shannon

Brian bringing Maggie and Abby down from their mini slumber party upstairs ( we tried to put them to sleep together...didn't work)

Our Fam in front of one of the 4 trees at the party. It was the best decorated party of the year, tons of lights(all on sale after the 25th) and 4 trees!(they are free after Christmas!)

We had a great Christmas!
To see Job's face light up when he saw he actor playing the angel at the living nativity made my day! To watch Diego kick that ball into the net 50 times with a huge smile was awesome. To see Maggie all dressed up for her first Christmas was so cute! To see Steve glare at me for buying him superman pajama pants was worth it! And to celebrate Christ's birth with my family was a blessing!

And a Christmas is not complete without an Elf video!

Stay tuned!

Stay tuned for some great stories and pictures from our Christmas! We had (and still are having) a great time. Can't wait to share it with you!!!!
For now, check out our present filled tree!there were presents from the ground up and overflowing on the couches( thanks mom).

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Missing You Dad

Your Birthday just passed, you would've been 49yrs old. I thought of you the whole day and have cried a couple times since. I don't normally get all gloomy during the holidays but there's just something about this Christmas that is making me miss you terribly. I now have 3 children that you've never met. It just crushes me that you aren't here to see me be a mommy to them. I know you would have so much fun with them and that they would adore you too. I know Steve wishes he could have met you too. I think you would've really enjoyed each other's company. He reminds me of you sometimes. He's goofy and silly and loves adventure. He's got corny jokes, and the best of all a great smile. He's hardworking and I think you would appreciate that.
Even though you were gone I was taken care of. Aunt Kathy, Aunt Liz and Beatle are awesome and love on me all the time. Beatle tries to make it to all the kids events and it means so much to me to have a little piece of you around. And Randy came into our lives just about the perfect time. Mom and him are great and are so loving. they are great with the kids too.

I miss you! I don't know why I'm deciding to write this here, therapy I suppose. I don't tend to let myself think about it to the point of tears anymore...someones always watching. I have forgotten some things about you and it breaks my heart. Some people make sure to tell me stories to remind me but time has just taken it's toll on my memory. I can't really rememeber if I called you "Dad" or "Daddy", I can't really remember your voice, and although I have little pieces of a day we had together I can't remember most of it.I have this one permanent picture of you stuck in my head, you're smiling then you laugh out loud...LOUD! I remember your hands and knees, like leather from working so hard. I remember your goofy dancing. I hang on to those memories so tightly and I hope that I can one day describe you better to my kids. Job sees your picture on the frig and on the wall and says "That's Grandpa Chris, he's in Heaven". He's named after you, Christopher Job. And Diego shares your middle name, James. Maggie is beautiful and I think you would fall in love with her immediatly. As I spend Christmas with my family I'll be thinking of you and hoping to see you one day again, to hug and hold you.

I just wanted to tell you that I loved you and I miss you.

Monday, December 22, 2008

A FABULOUS Christmas Party

Last night we went to our Faboulous Mom's Christmas Party. We had a great time hanging out with our friends. We had a gift exchange and some activities for the kids and lots of yummy food and drinks for the parents.

The kids sitting for pictures and waiting for presents from the gift exchange.

Playing Duck Duck Goose, the kids version where everyone runs and they all go different directions.

Craft time! thanks to our Fab friend Tonya the kids got to make necklaces, garland and bracelets made of Cheerios

Papa helping D-Man

Our best group Picture

(from left to right) Top:Jessenia with Malcolm, Tonya with Flynn and Marisol, Me with Job, Dana, Karie, Colleen, Vicky and Amber with Anika.
Bottom:Eva, Diego, Kaylee, Caylin, Roman, Sarah holding Charlie, Noah.

Cuddly Job

Job's Favorite...TATTOOS!!!!!Thank you secret Fab Mom!

And a Fabulous Farewell Kiss!

Diego found his new love. Him and Kaylee were flirting all night. Then, when he woke up this morning he said "KISSES!" He must have been dreaming it!
Merry Christmas everyone and have see you Next Year!!!!