Sunday, November 30, 2008


Maggie laughed today!
And may I add...TWICE! We were all outside in the hammock and I lifted her up and gave her a "zerbert" on her tummy, and out came a big giggle! I did it again and we got to hear another giggle! Then of course, nothing else. It was so sweet and cute and wonderful! These little things just make my day. I'm glad Steve was right there to see it too.

Then about 10 minutes later I looked over and Job had the nasal sucker. He said he was trying to "get her boogers out so she doesn't have em in there".

I said "no" but then looked at her...smiling! So weird but pretty cute too.

Then as I'm looking for Job to get him to go down for a nap I find him, wearing my shoes, high heel shoes!Whatta character!

Just a little glimpse into a half an hour at my house. :)


TUTU Monkey said...

Yahoo for the big smaile and Job is too funny in Mama's shoes!!

April said...

Magdalena is going to be tough growing up with Job and Diego! Sounds like fun at your casa.