Monday, November 3, 2008

San Diego Race for the Cure

On Sunday Maggie, Kelly, Kaitlyn and I met up with some Fab friends for the Susan B Koman Race for the cure. Nearly 13,000 people were present and about 1.4 million dollars were raised! Kelly walked for her mom and Sister. I didn't raise funds but was thinking of my OT instructer Marcelle who passed away in 2005 from Luekemia(after surviving breast cancer). It's just amazing how many women have been affected and how many families are grieving. We saw some amazing tribute shirts, signs and banners. It's truly sad. Even in my family alone cancer has taken 3 in my immediate family.

It was a short 3.2 mile walk, but with all the people in attendance it took about an hour and a half. I made the mistake of taking most pictures with my phone and I'm not techy enough to get them here, but here's a shot of some of us moms sporting our new Fab shirts.

Maggie did great. WE got up super early and I wisked her away while it was still dark. She slept most of the time but then woke up and lost it as we came up the last hill to the finish line. I guess being hungry and wet will do that to you. This little girl of mine has done more then I did in my 1st 10 years of life!

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