Saturday, November 1, 2008

Matsumoto Halloween

The boys painted their pumpkins this year, I really didn't want to carve them and have to deal with knives and stuff. I carved one so they could see it and they weren't even interested in the guts...what boys don't like the guts in a pumpkin? Then, I forgot to take a finished picture of their painted pumpkins and I didn't even put them out front.(I woke up with a cold and was kind of out of it that day)

Our friend's the Coopers came over with Pizza and then we headed over to Horizon for the Fall Festival. Diego was a football player. Job was "Woody" and "bullseye", and Maggie was a strawberry. We got to see animals, go on trains with Grandpa, eat treats, listen to music, practice some funny faces with Grandma, and best of all... a HOT AIR BALLOON! It went up about 40ft and was attached by ropes so we thought it would be fun...not so fun with toddlers. Diego was scared of the loud noise from the flames. Job was smiling, but with one of those "I'm not too sure about this" uncomfortable smiles. Maggie was ofcourse sleeping. Our friend Kevin is 10ft tall(not really, but close) so he had to duck down so he wouldn't get fried.

Then we came back to the house for Pumpkin Pie and cider. All together a very fun Halloween.
Definetly different then the years past:

( 6 month prego with Job in these last two pictures)


TUTU Monkey said...

You make a great Wonder Woman!!

Alliegatorfables said...

Love all of your costumes!!!! Too creative.