Saturday, November 22, 2008


These are some of Diego's phrases and words these days:

MAMAMAMAMM AMAMAMAMA= "I want to watch Mama Llama song by Hullabaloo on youtube"

"AROUN AROUN AROUN AROUN BOCK" = "I want to walk around the block"

"IDEO PEAS" = "I want to watch a video please"

"WAY TO U" = "He waived to you!" (when Papa leaves for work)

"BITIMIN" = "Vitamin"

"HI MADDIEEEE"= "Hi Maggie"

"WUBBYYYY" = "chubby" (as he squeezes someones face)

"JOD!" ="Job"

"OH! SMOTE!" = "Oh, SMOKE!" (That's hot)

And my favorite...

"ININNI AN YONNN!" = "To infinity and Beyond!"

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