Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sneek Peek


We went to the Del Mar festival of Lights tonight to kick off December and the Christmas Season. I'm so tired I think I'll wait till later to post the other pictures and stories. Just thought I'd give you a sneek peek.....


Maggie laughed today!
And may I add...TWICE! We were all outside in the hammock and I lifted her up and gave her a "zerbert" on her tummy, and out came a big giggle! I did it again and we got to hear another giggle! Then of course, nothing else. It was so sweet and cute and wonderful! These little things just make my day. I'm glad Steve was right there to see it too.

Then about 10 minutes later I looked over and Job had the nasal sucker. He said he was trying to "get her boogers out so she doesn't have em in there".

I said "no" but then looked at her...smiling! So weird but pretty cute too.

Then as I'm looking for Job to get him to go down for a nap I find him, wearing my shoes, high heel shoes!Whatta character!

Just a little glimpse into a half an hour at my house. :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Flashback!

Last year at the Zoo...

This Year!!!!

Last November at the Zoo

and this year!

Thanksgiving Mayhem!!!

In the morning Steve watched the kids while I got the turkey in the oven and the other dishes ready. We were desperate to get out of the house but it was pouring rain. So we took our chances, got the boys dressed in their rain gear, Maggie bundled up and went to La Jolla to see the Seals. As soon as we pulled up the sun came out and it was beautiful!

Job kept saying, No those aren't Sea Lions, they are Seals". I guess he pays attention at the Zoo.

The Boys and Steve looked through the kelp and found a lobster tail and pincher's.
And...a Family photo! These are rare! (Diego is soaked, he ran right into the ocean)

When we got Home we made hats and hung out till the food was ready.

My little turkey

and pilgrim

Job and Diego weren't very interested in eating...but it soon turned into a game. Job started feeding Diego like the goats at the zoo...

Then, throwing it at him like the sea lions.

Overall we had a good time. Uncle David came over( not shown) and helped a lot. Then we spent the rest of the evening doing webcam with family in PA and my parents in Santa Cruz.
I definitely have a lot to be thankful for! I could make a list of a thousand things. I mostly thankful for my family, every single member, and for the love that we have for eachother. My family and I are truly blessed!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's time!

It's Time!!! The 12 Days Of Christmas Grand Prize Giveaway!!!!!!!

It's Officially Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Saturday, November 22, 2008


These are some of Diego's phrases and words these days:

MAMAMAMAMM AMAMAMAMA= "I want to watch Mama Llama song by Hullabaloo on youtube"

"AROUN AROUN AROUN AROUN BOCK" = "I want to walk around the block"

"IDEO PEAS" = "I want to watch a video please"

"WAY TO U" = "He waived to you!" (when Papa leaves for work)

"BITIMIN" = "Vitamin"

"HI MADDIEEEE"= "Hi Maggie"

"WUBBYYYY" = "chubby" (as he squeezes someones face)

"JOD!" ="Job"

"OH! SMOTE!" = "Oh, SMOKE!" (That's hot)

And my favorite...

"ININNI AN YONNN!" = "To infinity and Beyond!"

Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Flashback #2

My mom "Grandma Dorrie" has been there for me and my family.

She was there for labor and Delivery with Job

She made it by a matter of minutes for Diego

And although she missed Magdelena's Birth( she was taking care of the boys), she was there as soon as possible.

Let's see how many more of these pics we can get huh Mom?

Friday Flashback!

Whenever I feel overwhelmed I think if my SIL Rachel, who has seven kids all under 13yrs old.

I also have my MIL to think of. A single mother of four in five years.

Steve is on her lap

In their Sundays Best

Notice Steve with the bandana on and his brother David crying...I wonder why?



Again, someone is crying and Steve is attempting to look innocent.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Papa does it again!

He always seems to make things a little more fun then I do!

This is me and the boys a couple weeks ago

and this is Steve and the boys the last couple afternoons when he gets home from work.

He's been coming home to an hour or two of crazyness and fun in the backyard. Running, jumping, hunting, flying, swinging, carrying, and building!I'm usually starting dinner or just hanging with Maggie for the first time all day.

His way might involve a couple more bumps and a little more crying, but they can't wait for their Papa to get home!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2months old!!!!!

Here's Maggie's 2 month picture...smiley girl!

And what perfect timing Diego has...he scratched her face 5 seconds later, but she's still smiling!

I'm afraid this is only the beginning of wounds she will receive from her loving brothers.

Happy Birthday Poopy!!!!

Randy-It's been over 20 years since you came into our lives! I remember the first time I ever saw you, mountian biking with your friend, wearing a very 80's like outfit ( I wont get into details) and my mom thought you were cute, which is what I yelled out the window as we drove away! I immediatly loved you and you have exceeded any expectaions I've had for a Father. Thank you for being so honest and caring...and most of all for providing me with the best childhood I could've had.

Happy Birthday Poopy!

P.S. you're doing great at this Grandpa thing!