Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Videos and Processed food

By my title you may have thought I'd be speaking out about how horrible these things are to our young, growing children, and they may very well be, however I'm writing to say that they have saved our lives these last 3 weeks.
I'm definetly no super mom these days, juggling three kids and wondering how it all happened so fast.
So the boys favorite foods have become frozen pancakes ( thawed ofcourse) frozen chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs (sometimes still frozen, weird I know),turkey dogs, and they have 3 movies we've been rotating OVER AND OVER(Toy story 2, Born Free, and Mary Poppins).

Mostly because it's fast, easy and...well, that's it.
I feel bad that I'm not making gourmet lunches but hey, I'm either nursing, changing diapers, breaking up a biting fight, or trying to go pee for the first time all day.

In attempts to help with time managment I'm going with some of my Fab friends to A Dinner Afare.

Someday, hopefully soon, I'll get the hang of things and get back on track, but for now...I'm OK with it...and atleast the chicken is whole grain:)

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Barley Family said...

I am right there with you girl! Still...and Anika is almost 1! They'll survive :) They have loving mamas! :)