Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday Flashback!

( I can't always wait till Fridays)

Here is my best friend Shannon. We met for Sushi on Sunday August 31st since we were both very preggo and probably wouldn't see each other for awhile. We both got out of our cars and looked at eachother...WEARING THE SAME DRESS!!!!! They were different colors, but still!

We had a ton of spicy food that night and a glass of wine, the next morning Shannon went into labor ( on Labor Day) and had Baby Abigail Brynn Bottoms on Sept 2cnd.

And Maggie was born 16 days later!

Shannon and I have been friends for a long time, who would've ever thought we'd be preggo together and have little girls that get to grow up together too! Fun!

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Ashley said...

How sweet!!!

My best friend back home had a little boy four days after Dallyn, totally crazy! i am so glad Maggie May will have someone so close in age (and gender, haha) to grow up with!