Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sneak Peek

My friend Amber stopped by to take some pictures of Magdelena for her announcment and also just because I haven't really taken any "good" pictures yet. Again, there is chaos in the backround with our other kids playing, yelling, crying, climbing on us, and trying to get in the shot too. You would never know it by this beautiful picture.

How perfect is my little girl? I know I'm her mom, but seriuosly...she's georgous!
I just love her so much and think that this picture capture's her perfectly!
Thanks so much Amber, I can't wait to see the others!


TUTU Monkey said...

Oh my gosh......I want to nibble on her!!!

She looks so much like you. Amber does such a wonderful job!!!

rayraygirls said...

I would also really love to put her in a sandwich. she is truly precious!

Tati's Momma said...

She is just adorable, she really looks so much like her brothers!!! I can't wait to hold her again :)

I agree, Amber is the best photographer!

Tati's Momma said...

I would keep Maggie far, far from Dana and Felicitas... I think they are hungry for a newborn :)