Thursday, October 30, 2008

New bedtime routine

Steve and I have seen these videos and watch them often, all for different purposes. Recently Job has been asking to watch them too. I do my best to explain the meaning of them to him and he is started to understand more and more. It's so sweet to hear what he says:

"I wanna watch the boy with his Papa...he's playing with him and loving him."
Watch here

"I want to watch Jesus dancing with the girl" "Oh look! He's helping her...he's saving her!" "She's all better now!" (This video brings me to tear EVERY time I watch it)

"His Papa is carrying him cause he needs help". "God made that little boy special and his Papa helps him" "He loves him" "His Papa got big muscles!" ( This video also makes me ball!)

Maybe we skip a book or two, but this is worth it! Job is starting to talk so much more on his own with his own thoughts. He's not just repeating us anymore. The other day we were driving and he said "I want to go hang out with Jesus". I told him someday he would and he said "I want to go to Heaven with Jesus and wrestle with him." A childs mind can be so simple but also so amazing!

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