Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Fabulous Friends

Most of you who read this are my Fabulous Mom friends, but for those of you who are not... I have the most amazing group of friends ever! They are all mommies of one or more (mostly more now)and we get to hang out all over the city together. They have become one of my biggest support systems and I can truly say I have made some life long friendships for sure!
Job and Diego have a blast hanging out with their kiddos and I can't wait for Maggie to be able to play with her to-be-friends too!
We are able to meet for play dates with the kids, Moms night outs, big events( like the Komen San Diego Race for the cure on Nov 2cnd) and family events with the dads too!
I can honestly say that I have learned so much from them on "mommyhood" and my family is benefiting from it.

We recently had our 1st Annual Fall Fest, and the Matsumoto 5 hosted!
What a blast! Here some pics of the moms trying to get a group shot. The kids were not thrilled so it quickly tunred into this:

This is not the whole gang, some couldn't make it and some had already left.

we were trying to get an all mommies shot, but that didn't happen, the kids were not ready to give up the spot light.


Barley Family said...

You and Steve are so awesome to host this event! Thank you guys again!! We had so much fun and love hanging out with our fabulous friends!! :)

TUTU Monkey said...

We had SO much FUN!!!! Thanks again....these pictures are so funny!!