Wednesday, October 15, 2008


and here it is...our first family picture!!!!!

My friend Amber (who is a very talented photographer)came by to snap a quick picture of us. Her two little ones Caylin and Anika were with her and just couldn't detach themselves from her legs while she was trying to take the pictures. Plus seconds before snapping these shots Diego and Job slammed into eachother and were balling their eyes out. Pretty good picture for all the comotion I think!

And then, seconds later... Maggie fell over (we wont use the word dropped), Job is picking his nose, Diego is yelling "all done" and Caylin and Anika got the best of Amber.

I can't wait for Christmas pictures!!!!

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Kelly said...

Wow, the picture turned out great! Both of them! :) I loved to hear the story behind them even more. We *still* don't have a family picture, my friend, and its been 8 months now. But, no Amber in sight up here. She did a great job---what a great-looking family!