Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Did I just say that?

"Job, you need to get down from there and stop washing the dishes. You are suppose to be washing your eye balls"

I had recently bought some party favors for our Fab Mom party and got some sticky eyeballs for the pinata. We have some left over so the boys have been playing with them. They have been throwing them up on the popcorn ceiling, watching them roll down the wall, and throwing them at each other outside. So when one gets dirty they want to "WASS it" as Diego says it. So I told Job he could go inside and rinse it off. To me that meant go into the bathroom ,use the stool and wash it(which he will do with other toys). I came inside 20 seconds later and he was re-washing all the dishes in the drain.

so out of my mouth came the above quote. I just immediately began to laugh because it just sounded so wrong...but with boys I guess a lot of things I say may be out of the ordinary.


Tati's Momma said...

ha ha... it's funny all the crazy things that fly out of our mouths that sound "right" at the time, but when you realize what you just said, sound a little silly :) What did he say back to you?!?!

mrsmottz said...

"OK, I'm done, Now I have to dry my eyeballs, I need a towel"