Tuesday, October 21, 2008


We (I) have decided to start using cloth diapers for Maggie and Diego. Job is on his way to being potty trained so hopefully we will soon have 2 in diapers instead of 3. I chose Bum Genius cloth diapers because they seemed the most practical for our situation. No pins, just velcro! We wash them and can either dry in the dryer or hang dry them...and we have the backyard for it!
We will hopefully be saving about $150-$200/month on diapers and wipes.
Steve is not as excited as me, but hopefully it will work out and he will warm up to the idea. Some friends were nice enough to give me gift certificates to www.cottonbabies.com to help out with my purchase (THANK YOU!).
Here's how they work:

They look like this(these are the covers), and they come in lots of different colors.

They are one size fits all. They have snaps to widen or shorten at the waist so they will fit both kids!

This is where the inserts go into the diaper

These are the inserts, one size for newborns, and one size for toddlers(that also have snaps to lengthen as baby grows). They absorb the pee pee and go inside the diaper then come out to get washed.

And, best of all, the flushable liners! These lay on top to catch the poo poo! So you don't have to worry about yucky poops in the washer. They look like dryer sheets and just get flushed. Then you throw the inserts and cover (if soiled) in the wash.

It sounds like alot but I think once I get the hang of it it will work out great! Wish us luck, day one starts tomorrow. I'll update more later with pics of the kids wearing their new stylish diapies!


Ashley said...

Wahoo Melissa. I know I LOVE mine!! I really thought they were going to be so much messier but they are super easy, and not gross at all. YAY for cloth diapers :)

kristin said...

you'll LOVE them...i don't think i could ever go back :)