Monday, October 27, 2008

2cnd annual trip to Nates BUTT farm!

It's "Bates Nut Farm" ofcourse, I just can never say it right!

We took the kids on Sunday and had a good time. It was really hot and all their cheeks were flushed within 3 minutes, but they hung in there. We got one pumkin since we had already got some from Henry's, on sale :)
We took the jogger with us but ofcourse it was only useful to bring the pumpkin back to the car, nobody ever stays in it. I'm glad we went and hope to keep it an annual event for our family.

Maggie slept the entire time ofcourse, till I woke her up to pose in the patch.I kept hearing "Oh, poor baby" and "Oh my gosh, how old is she?" and "Look at that teeny tiny baby!" But, I just did my darndest to take the picture! She will thank me for it later I'm sure :)

Hay/tractor rides, music, yummy food, the petting zoo, and ofcourse pumpkins!The boys had lots of fun petting the animals and listening to the live band, Maggie had fun...sleeping.

Can't wait to do it again next year with baby #4...just kidding!

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