Sunday, October 26, 2008

1st Annual Fall Festival

My Fab friends all wanted to have a fun party for the kids so I offered to host. We had a potluck for food, activities and party fun!
Everyone brought something to share and it turned out great. The kids had fun painting pumpkins, decorating leaves, decorating and eating cookies, jumping in the jump house and getting crazy from all the sugar!
Diego was a football player and Maggie was a little lamb( who slept the entire party). Job was suppose to be "woody" from Toy Story, but after seeing his brothers costume wanted to be a football player too, so we grabbed my Eagles jersey and...Donavan McNabb was in S.D. for the festivities! We had some great costumes and characters show up!

for some reason my pictures download opposite from chronological order. This was Job painting outside in the dark at 830pm after everyone had gone home

this was Job helping me make the pumpkin cake the night before the party. Diego helped grandma put all the caramels in the bowl for the caramel apples too.

Thanks all you Fab Moms for making it a great party!
And thank you Mom for helping me, sorry you had to leave right when it started!

I can't wait to do it next year!

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