Thursday, October 30, 2008

New bedtime routine

Steve and I have seen these videos and watch them often, all for different purposes. Recently Job has been asking to watch them too. I do my best to explain the meaning of them to him and he is started to understand more and more. It's so sweet to hear what he says:

"I wanna watch the boy with his Papa...he's playing with him and loving him."
Watch here

"I want to watch Jesus dancing with the girl" "Oh look! He's helping her...he's saving her!" "She's all better now!" (This video brings me to tear EVERY time I watch it)

"His Papa is carrying him cause he needs help". "God made that little boy special and his Papa helps him" "He loves him" "His Papa got big muscles!" ( This video also makes me ball!)

Maybe we skip a book or two, but this is worth it! Job is starting to talk so much more on his own with his own thoughts. He's not just repeating us anymore. The other day we were driving and he said "I want to go hang out with Jesus". I told him someday he would and he said "I want to go to Heaven with Jesus and wrestle with him." A childs mind can be so simple but also so amazing!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Did I just say that?

"Job, you need to get down from there and stop washing the dishes. You are suppose to be washing your eye balls"

I had recently bought some party favors for our Fab Mom party and got some sticky eyeballs for the pinata. We have some left over so the boys have been playing with them. They have been throwing them up on the popcorn ceiling, watching them roll down the wall, and throwing them at each other outside. So when one gets dirty they want to "WASS it" as Diego says it. So I told Job he could go inside and rinse it off. To me that meant go into the bathroom ,use the stool and wash it(which he will do with other toys). I came inside 20 seconds later and he was re-washing all the dishes in the drain.

so out of my mouth came the above quote. I just immediately began to laugh because it just sounded so wrong...but with boys I guess a lot of things I say may be out of the ordinary.

Sneak Peek

My friend Amber stopped by to take some pictures of Magdelena for her announcment and also just because I haven't really taken any "good" pictures yet. Again, there is chaos in the backround with our other kids playing, yelling, crying, climbing on us, and trying to get in the shot too. You would never know it by this beautiful picture.

How perfect is my little girl? I know I'm her mom, but seriuosly...she's georgous!
I just love her so much and think that this picture capture's her perfectly!
Thanks so much Amber, I can't wait to see the others!

Monday, October 27, 2008

2cnd annual trip to Nates BUTT farm!

It's "Bates Nut Farm" ofcourse, I just can never say it right!

We took the kids on Sunday and had a good time. It was really hot and all their cheeks were flushed within 3 minutes, but they hung in there. We got one pumkin since we had already got some from Henry's, on sale :)
We took the jogger with us but ofcourse it was only useful to bring the pumpkin back to the car, nobody ever stays in it. I'm glad we went and hope to keep it an annual event for our family.

Maggie slept the entire time ofcourse, till I woke her up to pose in the patch.I kept hearing "Oh, poor baby" and "Oh my gosh, how old is she?" and "Look at that teeny tiny baby!" But, I just did my darndest to take the picture! She will thank me for it later I'm sure :)

Hay/tractor rides, music, yummy food, the petting zoo, and ofcourse pumpkins!The boys had lots of fun petting the animals and listening to the live band, Maggie had fun...sleeping.

Can't wait to do it again next year with baby #4...just kidding!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Patch from the past

Since I didn't do a Friday Flashback, here is my Sunday night "Patch from the past" post.
We went to Bates Nut farm today. Here is Diego one year ago in the same pumpkin patch. Amazing! My little Goocha Goo!

I'll post more pictures of the rest of the family later, 3 entries in one night is insane! I need to get to bed!

1st Annual Fall Festival

My Fab friends all wanted to have a fun party for the kids so I offered to host. We had a potluck for food, activities and party fun!
Everyone brought something to share and it turned out great. The kids had fun painting pumpkins, decorating leaves, decorating and eating cookies, jumping in the jump house and getting crazy from all the sugar!
Diego was a football player and Maggie was a little lamb( who slept the entire party). Job was suppose to be "woody" from Toy Story, but after seeing his brothers costume wanted to be a football player too, so we grabbed my Eagles jersey and...Donavan McNabb was in S.D. for the festivities! We had some great costumes and characters show up!

for some reason my pictures download opposite from chronological order. This was Job painting outside in the dark at 830pm after everyone had gone home

this was Job helping me make the pumpkin cake the night before the party. Diego helped grandma put all the caramels in the bowl for the caramel apples too.

Thanks all you Fab Moms for making it a great party!
And thank you Mom for helping me, sorry you had to leave right when it started!

I can't wait to do it next year!

My Fabulous Friends

Most of you who read this are my Fabulous Mom friends, but for those of you who are not... I have the most amazing group of friends ever! They are all mommies of one or more (mostly more now)and we get to hang out all over the city together. They have become one of my biggest support systems and I can truly say I have made some life long friendships for sure!
Job and Diego have a blast hanging out with their kiddos and I can't wait for Maggie to be able to play with her to-be-friends too!
We are able to meet for play dates with the kids, Moms night outs, big events( like the Komen San Diego Race for the cure on Nov 2cnd) and family events with the dads too!
I can honestly say that I have learned so much from them on "mommyhood" and my family is benefiting from it.

We recently had our 1st Annual Fall Fest, and the Matsumoto 5 hosted!
What a blast! Here some pics of the moms trying to get a group shot. The kids were not thrilled so it quickly tunred into this:

This is not the whole gang, some couldn't make it and some had already left.

we were trying to get an all mommies shot, but that didn't happen, the kids were not ready to give up the spot light.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Monkeys see Monkeys Do

I had posted in my blog recently ("Cloud time") about the boys and I having a great time checking out the clouds. This afternoon Steve was in the kitchen and glanced outside to check on the boys, this is what he saw.

Job had called Diego over and told him to lay down to look at the clouds.

The funny thing is, there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Just one of those moments that makes you smile, and happy that they remember the fun things you show them.

Brotherly love

The boys love Maggie so much...sometimes a little too much!

Here they are loving her to death on the swing!

Boys will be boys

Job is totally addicting to Toy Story 2 now( thank you again Grandpa and Grandma). Here he is as "Woody" with Buzz lightyear, saving "Jesse"(not shown).

And the boys trying out their new soldier helmets, being used as football helmets.

New way of doing things, Cloth diaper update

The great bubble butt they get!

Maggie in hers

Diego checking it all out

Diego in his new diaper

Here's are the new decorations in our backyard...not quite going with the fall theme.

I'll be honest, the change is not easy, and not a whole lot of fun, but already after 1 1/2days, there's less trash in the wastecan and I can feel good about the $150 I wont be spending at Costco this month.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Maggie's 1st BBQ

It was my friend Shannon's Bday on Sunday so we went to a BBQ.

Job got to help blow out her candles

Then decide how to tackle his piece of cake

I think he figured it out

And Maggie got to swing with BFF Abigail again. Apparently Abby thinks they've outgrown the swing together.

So when she wasn't looking Maggie snuck in by herself

Fun Fun! Happy Birthday Shannon!


We (I) have decided to start using cloth diapers for Maggie and Diego. Job is on his way to being potty trained so hopefully we will soon have 2 in diapers instead of 3. I chose Bum Genius cloth diapers because they seemed the most practical for our situation. No pins, just velcro! We wash them and can either dry in the dryer or hang dry them...and we have the backyard for it!
We will hopefully be saving about $150-$200/month on diapers and wipes.
Steve is not as excited as me, but hopefully it will work out and he will warm up to the idea. Some friends were nice enough to give me gift certificates to to help out with my purchase (THANK YOU!).
Here's how they work:

They look like this(these are the covers), and they come in lots of different colors.

They are one size fits all. They have snaps to widen or shorten at the waist so they will fit both kids!

This is where the inserts go into the diaper

These are the inserts, one size for newborns, and one size for toddlers(that also have snaps to lengthen as baby grows). They absorb the pee pee and go inside the diaper then come out to get washed.

And, best of all, the flushable liners! These lay on top to catch the poo poo! So you don't have to worry about yucky poops in the washer. They look like dryer sheets and just get flushed. Then you throw the inserts and cover (if soiled) in the wash.

It sounds like alot but I think once I get the hang of it it will work out great! Wish us luck, day one starts tomorrow. I'll update more later with pics of the kids wearing their new stylish diapies!