Friday, September 26, 2008

We are on our own!

My parents came into town the morning I went into labor and mom has been here since. Today she went home. It was awesome having them here. It was so helpful and gave Steve and I a chance to get things ready, oraganized, and also gave a little break every now and then. Although I never really took it easy after the birth it was nice to ask my mom to watch the boys for us or for her to offer to take them out each day. The boys were definetly not on their best behavior but I guess it's to be expected with all the change. They are really are toddlers now!

I was just thinking...we are on our own. It's the FIVE of us now :)

Monday will be my first official day by myself with the kids but I think we will do just fine. Maggie is such a good baby, Job has been doing great and is my little helper....and Diego...well, it'll get better I'm sure :)

Anyway, Thanks Mom and Randy for all your help, time, groceries, gas, coffees, babysitting, and love!

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rayraygirls said...

YOu will survive, amiga! I actually did cry my first day alone with both girls. But that wont happen to you. My advice? Give yourslef the "I can do it" pep talk before steve leaves and then every morning after that!